ordernumber 2006


For opening pressure, spray pattern and leaks. Special design in aluminium with baseplate; precision pressure gauge, with protective rubber cap and double scale 0...600 bar / 0...8700 psi; splashproof liquid container (330 cm³) made of plexiglas. The drag pointer of this type tester registers the injection pressurte and stays in that position. As a result, it is not necessary to observe the injector spray pattern and the pressure gauge at the same time. Supplied with pressure line (M 12x1,5 thread) and adapter (M 14x1,5). With this tester you can prove the density, drop formation and decrease of pressure for all Common Rail Injectors of all kinds of producers. Electronic injector control is available on demand irrespective of injector type and producer.  

Available adapters for injection testers  

standard-adapter (M 14x1,5)

ordernumber 2006a
Opel, motortyp DTL + DTH (M 10x1 with closed cone) ordernumber 2006b
VW/Audi, motortyp TDI (M 12x1,25) ordernumber 2006c