ordernumber 2001


Aluminium version, reversible from vaccum to pressure measures. For the use in various fields on the automotive testing sector. One had operated, all metal version. High quality compound gauge with robust protective rubber cap, dual precision scale, minus-range -1...0 bar, plus-range from 0...+3 bar/42 psi, graduation 0.05 bar. With bilateral conical brass adapter and 4 connecting adapters made out of plastic. HV 90 including 120 ml collecting tank HVZ 02. Supplied in robust plastic case.

Applications Vacuum range:

  • vacuum meter sensor check
  • exhaust gas recirculation valve check
  • throttle valve check
  • fuel pressure regulator check
  • vacuum modulator check (automatic transmissions)
  • servo-assisted brake check

Applications pressure range:

  • injection pump diaphragm check
  • turbocharging pressure check
  • exhaust valve check