Mercedes-Benz 9-gear automatic transmission NAG 3

The 9G-Tronic is an entirely new electronically controlled automatic transmission with nine forward gears and one reverse gear. The use of the new fully integrated transmission control (VGS) system provides the following additional advantages: high electromagnetic compatibility, increased service life, reduced fuel consumption, maximum shift comfort and a new actuator concept with two pumps.

The following is visible:

  •  all hydraulic couplings
  •  all planetary gear trains
  •  disk springs (cut and uncut) and hydraulic pistons
  •  parking lock (it can be activated and released)
  •  hydraulic control
  •  both oil pumps (rotor pump and vane-type pump)
  •  converter with lock-up clutch with centrifugal pendulum-type absorber
  •  solenoid valves
  •  many small construction parts


ordernumber 1352