sequence of flow in a torque converter

The model shows the turbine wheel, the pump wheel and the stator on one level.

1st pic.: Starting: In starting, the pump wheel runs, the turbine wheel is still stationary. The flow of oil is guided onto the blades of the pump wheel at a favourable angle by the stator. There is an increase of the engine torque.

2nd pic.: Starting up to the coupling point: With an increasing speed of the turbine wheel, the difference in speed between the pump and turbine wheel becomes smaller and smaller. The flow of oil is not deflected much and impacts on the blades of the stator at a lower angle. The stiffening force and thus also the torque reinforcement becomes less.

3rd pic.: Coupling area: When the pump and turbine wheel have approximately the same speed, the stator is flowed onto from the back, the free-wheel releases and the stator also turns.


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