We will organise, cut, varnish, electroplate, spray paint and assemble your cutaway model.

If you need a stand for your cutaway model or a showcase, cart or table for your presentation, that’s no problem either. We will be happy to do that for you.

making a cut-away model

Multi-coloured lighting will show your cutaway model in the right light.

We can also provide Perspex and overhead models on their own or to accompany your cutaway model. We offer cutaway and overhead models for many subject areas, including automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics, refrigeration and much more.

We will also make sure that the right shipping crates are used when the models are shipped by carrier.

They can be moved using a hand crank or star grip, or driven directly by an electric motor. Details of a cutaway model often do not become clear until the parts start moving.

We will build exactly the right cutaway model for you, whether it is for a training course, your showroom or as a customer gift.

Browse our catalogue online or download it to your device as a PDF (34 MB).