overhead and cut-away models

Hako-Lehrmittel has specialised itself on production of Overhead– and Cut-away models. Our models are exported to over 70 countries. We also offer custom-made models that ensure our customers what they are after for schooling courses, fairs and trading shows. Our proven track record speaks for itself with satisfied customers all over the world. Feel free to share any wishes or problems with us and we will find a solution.

making a cut-away model

cut-away models from a to z

We can produce cutaway models of your products for your trade show stand, for use on training courses or for presentations in your showroom.

And of course we can electroplate individual parts of your cutaway model. Chrome, nickel and gold-plating or black-finishing – anything is possible!

overhead models

Overhead models are primarily used for teaching purposes. Whether movable or made from Perspex, Hako-Lehrmittel is again able to tailor custom-made solutions.