truck transmission ZF-ECOSPLIT

The transmission has 4 forward gears and one reverse gear. By a different transmission onto the countershaft, the split group makes it possible for 4 further gears each to be found between the 4 other gears to be shifted. A planetary gear train acts as a rear-mounted group, with the result that the 8 gears can be used in fast mode or in slow mode. In this way, a total of 16 gears is available. The rear-mounted group and the 4 basic gears are shifted mechanically on the model, split group pneumatically. Transmission input shaft, main shaft, countershaft and reverse gear, the control forks with gearshift linkage, pneumatic cylinder and the rotor oil pump are very easy to see.

As the transmission has a weight of about 320 kg, it has been fitted on a trolley.


ordernumber 1308